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SportsTalkATL Staff Predictions for the Falcons: Week 1

Jake Gordon’s Prediction (@cantguardjake) I think this is a pretty favorable matchup for both teams in certain areas; something neither will likely be able to …

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Hawks: Bold Predictions for the 2021 season

There hasn’t been this much hype around the Atlanta Hawks in a long time, and anything less than a playoff berth would be a massive …

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SportsTalkATL’s Week 14 Predictions

Chase Irle’s Prediction After last week’s disappointing loss to the Saints, there is essentially nothing left to play for except for pride heading into a …

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SportsTalkATL’s Week 11 Predictions

Chase Irle’s Prediction For Falcons fans, this is about all we have left to look forward to this season. Sure, Atlanta still has an extremely …

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SportsTalkATL’s Week 9 Predictions

Chase Irle’s Prediction The Falcons have a fantastic shot at earning their third win of the season this Sunday against the Broncos, who come into …

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Atlanta Falcons

SportsTalkATL’s Week 8 Predictions

Chase Irle’s Prediction The Falcons lost another heartbreaker on Sunday against the Lions, and at this point, I don’t know how they mentally keep it …

Braves bullpen has multiple options for closer role

Braves: Early offseason predictions

The Braves season ended just over a week ago, and we are well underway here at SportsTalkATL with our offseason coverage. If you’ve missed some …

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Atlanta Falcons

SportTalkATL’s Week 7 Prediction

Alex Lord’s Prediction As always, my prediction for this Sunday’s matchup against the Lions will be supported by comparing opposing position groups. To give a …

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SportsTalkATL’s Week 5 Predictions

Chase Irle’s Prediction This is a must-win — not for the Falcons; their playoff chances are doomed — but for Dan Quinn. If he doesn’t …

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Atlanta Falcons

SportsTalkATL Staff’s Week 3 Predictions

After a brutal loss last Sunday, the Falcons have to find a way to clear their heads and win a critical home matchup versus the …

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