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Allen Bailey

Falcons’ salary cap standing after recent cuts

Terry Fontenot has already started addressing the Falcons’ salary cap by cutting bait on many Thomas Dimitroff-era players, i.e., Ricardo Allen and Allen Bailey. Falcons …

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons: 2021 NFL salary cap close to being set — how much can Atlanta spend?

It was announced today that the 2021 NFL salary cap will be set a bit higher than expected. Estimates were sitting around $175 million, but …

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Looking ahead: Falcons 2021 salary cap

After dropping the first two games of the season, this 2020 Falcons team looks eerily similar to the 2019 squad that was so wildly inconsistent. …

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Atlanta Falcons

Can the Falcons make a run at anymore significant free agents?

With the NFL Draft now concluded, the second wave of free agency should begin to pick up. Although, in the Falcons case, that won’t happen …

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Atlanta Falcons

Checking the Falcons cap space following the Todd Gurley signing

Yesterday, the Falcons officially announced the signing of Todd Gurley, even though he has yet to take a physical, which feels like a must given …

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A solution to the Falcons “Salary Cap Hell”

I’m in the camp that believes the Falcons cap situation isn’t as dire as it seems. The team announced last week they freed up about $12 …

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Austin Hooper

Falcons: An Austin Hooper extension has to get done

Even though I’ve disagreed with a lot of what our front office has done recently, holding firm on Austin Hooper and not trading him at …

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Are the Falcons in salary cap hell?

Every NFL general manager has a salary cap expert on their front office staff, but ultimately a team’s standing with the cap is tied to …

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