dkb200909009 mia vs atl

The Braves cannot afford to have another quiet trade deadline

Nobody knows what the Braves will look like as a team in July; with Marcell Ozuna gone indefinitely, Atlanta has struggled to produce runs. The …

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Hawks message is clear with the addition of Lou Williams, but did they do enough?

Despite all the noise surrounding the Hawks leading up to the trade deadline, they didn’t make the blockbuster splash that many speculated they might. Instead, …

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Atlanta Hawks

Report: Hawks listening to trade offers for John Collins

John Collins is a name that many teams have been checking in on since the offseason. To this point, it doesn’t look there has been …

dkb200909009 mia vs atl

Braves: The rest of the Tommy Milone trade has been released, and it’s not pretty

The Braves infamously decided to essentially stand pat at this year’s trade deadline. The only acquisition they made was Tommy Milione for two players to …

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Falcons: Another year, another quiet trade deadline

Just like last season, Falcons fans were hoping the team could cash in on some of their veterans and expiring contracts at the trade deadline …

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Friday Rant: Falcons fans do not deserve Matt Ryan

Last week I wrote a piece for our weekly Overreaction Tuesday publication,┬áin which I presented multiple futures without Matt Ryan. The function of the article …

953200913630 atl v sea

Falcons: Realistic trade candidates and roster outlook for 2021

The NFL trade deadline is November 3rd, and it’s no secret the Falcons are headed to the top of the draft. With the roster being …

dfu20083005 atl at phi
Atlanta Braves

The Braves unsurprisingly receive a low grade for their trade deadline actions

The Braves lack of action at the trade deadline has caused an uproar among the fan base, and deservedly so. Despite having one of the …

9531910090129 stl at atl
Alex Anthopoulos

Braves: Alex Anthopoulos and Brian Snitker comment on the lack of action at the deadline

No reason to beat around the bush: the Braves’ lack of action at the trade deadline is demoralizing. Atlanta has many talented pieces, but without …

dmd1908270152 ari at sf

Braves also eyeing the market for relievers and offense

The Braves most glaring need is undoubtedly starting pitching. However, since there are few sellers and starters can be pricey at the trade deadline, Jon …

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