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New wrinkle added in Hawks pursuit of a trade for Pascal Siakam

The two biggest stars that could be on the move this offseason are Damian Lillard and Pascal Siakam, the latter of which seems to be …

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Potential trade pieces if the Braves become sellers

Of course, this isn’t what any Braves want to hear, and Atlanta is certainly not out of the playoff race with over three months of …

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Report: Falcons have an “outlandish” asking price in Julio Jones trade talks

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, the Falcons are not playing around when it comes to negotiations involving Julio Jones — nor should they. As …

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Atlanta Falcons

If Julio Jones is traded, where will the Falcons go to replace his production?

Julio Jones will remain in the headlines until a resolution is reached between the All-Pro receiver and the Falcons. There are a few different things …

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Report: Falcons leaning towards a QB with the 4th overall pick

After the 49ers put together a blockbuster package to move up to the 3rd spot in the draft, it almost feels like a guarantee that …

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Hawks: Celtics have an absurd asking price for Jaylen Brown

Over the weekend, there was a rumor that the Hawks attempted to pry Jaylen Brown away from the Celtics with a package surrounding John Collins. …

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Atlanta Hawks

Potential trade targets for the Hawks

Yesterday, I put the Hawks in separate tiers based on the likelihood of them being traded. Today, I’ll look at it from the opposite perspective, …

Braves farm system taking a hit

Braves: Does Michael Harris’ emergence make a Drew Waters trade even more probable?

Michael Harris just turned 20 years old and has only played 53 games in the minors, but that hasn’t discouraged some from believing he could …

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Pressure on the Braves after the Mets blockbuster trade

The Braves are coming off three straight NL East titles, and most recently, they finished inches shy of making their first World Series since 1999. …

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Ian Rapoport does not expect the Falcons to trade Matt Ryan

A topic that is sure to be hot throughout the offseason is what the Falcons will do with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Last week, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler …

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