dfu19082630 pit at phi

The Braves were right to pass on Starling Marte

It seemed like from the beginning of the current offseason; there was a rather large crowd of Braves’ fans and writers that were persistently lobbying for …

dhz191217031 phx vs lac

Hawks: Is DeAndre Ayton a perfect trade target?

After whiffing on Trae Young and Luka Doncic, Phoenix may be having some buyer’s remorse. DeAndre Ayton hasn’t been bad. He’s actually been really good. …

dfu19082630 pit at phi

Are the Braves and Starling Marte really a fit?

Starling Marte is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Once part of what many considered to be the best outfield in baseball alongside …

dhz181115083 sas vs lac

Report: Hawks expressed trade interest in Jakob Poeltl

There is no reason for Travis Schlenk to be satisfied with the way the Hawks’ roster is constructed at the center position. Reports have indicated …

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Report: Hawks balked at Drummond trade due to wanting $20+ million annually in free agency

Hawks fans have been receiving more and more context surrounding the discussions that the team had in trade negotiations for Andre Drummond. Recently, we found …

132190918215 nym at col

Opt-out clause is going to be the biggest hiccup for Braves in an Arenado deal

The Braves have never been big on opt-out clauses. Look at any contract they have signed a player to, and you will be hard-pressed to …

dlt190724047 cubs at giants

Report: Braves expected to revisit Kris Bryant talks with Cubs

Ask any beat writer what the Braves will do next, and they will give you a different answer. Some expect Atlanta to go after a …

450p124190112007 pistons at clippers

Report: Hawks only offered expiring contracts for Drummond

When many Hawks fans heard that the Hawks had explored a trade with the Pistons for Andre Drummond, they are awfully confused. Why give up …

dhz190128012 atl vs lac

Report: Hawks want Dewayne Dedmon back, price is too high

It did not take Dewayne Dedmon long to find out how dysfunctional a franchise they run in Sacramento. Just half a season into his first …

132190918215 nym at col

Report: Braves and Arenado talks have gone “nowhere”

It’s a good thing the Braves are widely considered the favorite to win the Josh Donaldson sweepstakes because one of their potential backup plans doesn’t …

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