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Report: Braves offered Donaldson a fourth year, fifth year option was the difference

After the comments from Josh Donaldson and Alex Anthopoulos following the news of Donaldson signing with the Twins, it didn’t sound like the Braves made …

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Report: Braves “were given every opportunity” to keep Donaldson

Mark Bradley of the AJC provided some interesting news regarding the process that led to Josh Donaldson signing with the Twins. He had the opportunity …

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Josh Donaldson is leaving the Braves for Minnesota

We all feared this was coming, and the Bringer of Rain is gone as quickly as he came. Donaldson bet on himself last season, taking …

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Braves appear to be the clear favorite to land Josh Donaldson

By now, I know you’re tired of hearing about Josh Donaldson and are thinking, “Just sign already, please.” I can’t promise that he’s close to …

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This time it’s official: Jaime Garcia traded to the Twins

Just a few days ago, Jaime Garcia to the Twins was a done deal according to multiple reports, but the negotiations later fell through because …

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