Taking a look at the Falcons draft position after their loss to the Bucs

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Yesterday, the Falcons showed us exactly who they are — who they have been for years — by blowing another double-digit lead in the second half to the Bucs. After looking nearly flawless in all facets for thirty minutes, they once again completely imploded, allowing Tom Brady to lead his guys from behind, handing the Falcons their tenth loss of the season. Any hope for Raheem Morris to retain his job as the head coach has vanished, but if there is a silver lining, it’s that the new regime will likely have a top-five pick to work with.

Following yesterday’s games, the Falcons would own the fifth pick in the draft if the season ended today — behind only the Jaguars, Jets, Bengals, and Panthers.

The Falcons and Panthers both currently sit at 4-10. However, because Carolina has the weaker strength of schedule, they would select before Atlanta.

That strength of schedule will not be getting any easier for the Falcons, either. This week, they hit the road to take on the reigning Super Bowl champions and 13-1 Kansas City Chiefs. It will take a miracle for the Falcons to pull that one out, but crazier things have happened. Remember, the Falcons were able to come out with wins on the road against the Saints and 49ers in the second half of last season. Atlanta then finishes their 2020 campaign with a road rematch against the Buccaneers. As we saw this past week, the Falcons are more than capable of upsetting Tom Brady and company, but it won’t be any easier to do away from home.

It’s unlikely Atlanta moves higher than the fourth pick in the draft, given where the Jaguars, Jets, and Bengals currently stand, but the fourth pick could defintiley be in the cards if the Falcons lose their next two games. On the flip side, there are eight teams behind Atlanta in the draft order with records of 5-9 or worse. If Atlanta somehow manages to win one of their final games, they could see themselves slide out of the top ten altogether.



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