Taking a look at the Falcons draft position following their loss to the Saints

Ryan, Oct_11_2020

Yesterday was the season’s final turning point. Had the Falcons been able to defeat their division rivals, making them 5-2 since Raheem Morris took over as interim head coach, they would have inched their way back to just a game out of the final playoff spot in the NFC. However, with the loss, they remain two games back with four tough opponents left to play and a bevy of teams in front of them. Atlanta’s playoff hopes are shot for all intents and purposes, leaving pride as the only thing left to play for.

Following Sunday’s loss, the Falcons sit at 4-8 and would pick 8th if the season were to end today. However, there are still three games left on the docket before the league turns the page to Week 14. The 3-8 Cowboys play the Ravens on Tuesday night. With a win, Dallas would find themselves tied with the Falcons at 4-8, but they would still be picking ahead of them because of their weaker strength of schedule. The 4-7 Football Team also plays against the Steelers tonight on the road. Washington is currently slated to pick 11th, but with a loss, they would jump the Falcons in the draft order — once again, because they have a weaker strength of schedule.

As things currently stand, the Falcons could realistically select anywhere from 4th to 14th, and it will most likely come down to their matchup this week against the 3-9 Chargers, who are slated to pick 4th as of now. If the Falcons can’t come up with a win over Los Angeles, a top 5 selection could very well be in the cards. Atlanta finishes their season with two games against the Bucs and one versus the Chiefs, and both of those teams should have some extra motivation as they battle for seeding going into the playoffs.

We will continue to keep you updated each week with the draft order. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few intriguing storylines going down the stretch of the season for the third year in a row. We can only hope that changes once a new regime takes over in 2021.


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