Takk McKinley continues to embarrass the Falcons and himself on social media

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Once again, Takk McKinley makes a fool out of himself on social media.


To be frank, I’ve never been a huge McKinley fan. He’s an absolute headcase and has been since the day Atlanta drafted him. He’s constantly bleeding on social media like a middle schooler, which might be alright if he produced as a first-rounder should. Instead, he’s done nothing but surround the organization with negativity. It’s obvious he wants to be let go from the team and move on. We will see if the Falcons oblige. If they do, they will not receive a compensation pick for him leaving in free agency. But at this point, hanging on to his cancerous attitude may not even be worth it.

Not too long after Mckinley tweeted this, Raheem Morris held a press conference and assured everyone that the fourth-year pass-rusher will be held accountable for his actions.

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