The Atlanta Avengers

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Captain America – Matt Ryan

The elder statesman of Atlanta sports, Matt Ryan, is a natural leader like Cap. Just like when Steve Rogers finally retires as Captain America, Atlanta sports will be different when Matty Ice hangs up his cleats and shield.

Iron Man – Julio Jones

Julio Jones could have also been cast as Black Panther. However, the metal that has been placed in his left foot is a fitting reason for him to be Iron Man. Like Tony Stark, Julio is exceptionally wealthy. The former Tide receiver will earn over 100 million dollars when all is said and done.

Thor – Mike Foltynewicz

Folty looks like Thor in Thor: Ragnarok and has a lightning bolt for a right arm. The Ace of the Braves’ rotation, Folty carries himself with the prowess of the Norse God of Thunder.

Hulk – Grady Jarrett

Grady Jarrett is a large man that is good at smashing offensive lines. Sound familiar? He may not run around shirtless and yell, “HULK SMASH!!!,” but Jarrett is a force to be reckoned with. The former Clemson Tiger is the kind of player that requires multiple offensive lineman’s attention, or else he will wreck your whole day.

Hawkeye – Trae Young

Trae Young could have easily been cast as Spiderman. He is young, energetic, and makes athletic feats look simple. However, the former Sooner proved to be money in the bank when the Atlanta Hawks needed a big shot. Hawkeye has the accuracy to hit a gnat’s ass from 50 yards away with ease – and Trae Young hits game-winning shots with the same attitude.

Spiderman – Jose Martinez

The Atlanta United superstar is sticky. I mean that in the most positive way. Jose is a stud on the soccer field and exhibits great ball control while performing acrobatic maneuvers. Martinez is your friendly neighborhood goal-scorer.

Black Panther – Ronald Acuna Jr.

The Venezuelan star embodies Black Panther. He is strong, athletic, and has a positive demeanor. He may not become the King of Wakanda, but Ronald can become the Mayor of Atlanta after a few dominant seasons for the Braves.

Groot – Nick Markakis

Groot is famous for saying three words, “I am Groot.” That may be two more words than Nick Markakis will say, but the Braves’ Right Fielder is always steady and does his job. Groot is a beloved character by all of MCU – and so is Nick Markakis, out of Young Harris, by Braves Country.

Star-Lord – Josh Donaldson

If there is an athlete in Atlanta more like Star-Lord than Josh Donaldson, you will have to prove it to me. There is no one I trust more in a dance off to save the world than Donaldson. The Bringer of Rain sports a glorious mullet/facial hair combo with the American Flag bandana and is always on the verge of greatness, just like Star Lord.

Ant-Man – Ozzie Albies

Don’t let the small stature fool you – Ozzie and Ant-man are both capable of big things. Ant-man can grow to the size of a building and has the strength to match. Ozzie swings the bat with the power of a man twice his size. Ant-Man is a valuable member of the Avengers – just as Ozzie is an extremely valuable member of the Atlanta Braves

Falcon – Keanu Neal

Falcon is a soldier. He goes to work, does his job, hits hard and does not complain. Keanu Neal has the same mentality and that is why he is a perfect fit for Falcon. The former Gator safety is an assassin when it comes to the middle of the football field.

Thanos – Tom Brady

28-3. Do I need to say more? Just like Thanos conquered worlds across the universe, Tom Brady crushed the souls of Falcons’ fans everywhere and acquired another Super Bowl ring. The former Michigan signal-caller collects Super Bowl Rings like Thanos collects Infinity Stones. Screw you Thanos – and screw you, Tom Brady.

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