The case for and against the Falcons selecting Malik Willis in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Mel Kiper of ESPN had some strong opinions about the Falcons and Malik Willis earlier this week:

Let’s be honest, Mel Kiper isn’t exactly some fountain of draft knowledge. He did say he would retire if Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a star in the NFL. Regardless, I just can’t get behind the Falcons taking Malik Willis 8th overall.

The Case for Malik Willis

Willis has undeniable tools. He’s a competent runner, has a strong arm, and has a lot of intangibles that you want out of an NFL quarterback. In Atlanta, he’d be able to sit behind Matt Ryan for a year and get a much-needed season of development. There’s potential for him to develop into the next star dual-threat quarterback in a perfect world.

The Case Against Malik Willis

My primary issue with Willis is he showed absolutely no progression in 2021. He actually played worse. ┬áHe’s a bit undersized at 6’1, and he throws a lot of questionable interceptions in a quarterback friendly offense. I could justify a second-round pick on him due to the upside, but selecting him 8th overall with all of the defensive talent on the board is out of the question.

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