The Falcons make an interesting trade with the Detroit Lions

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The Falcons have made a splash before the draft, as Brad Holmes and Terry Fontenot have struck a deal to send Detroit cornerback Jeff Okudah to Atlanta:

Okudah was the third pick in the 2020 NFL Draft but has not lived up to expectations thus far. However, the Ohio State product has improved every year, and he’s only 24 years old. There’s still some potential there, and he could easily blossom into a solid CB2 for Atlanta. While I still really like the cornerbacks in this class, the Falcons aren’t boxed into the position.

The fifth-round pick that’s going to Detroit is a pick from Jacksonville that the Falcons got for Calvin Ridley, as they traded their own fifth-round pick to the Raiders for Bryan Edwards. This pick is in the later part of the fifth round, so it’s approaching sixth-round pick status. I really like the upside of this trade, the risk is small, but I love the potential reward.

The Falcons will still have to make a decision on Jeff Okudah’s fifth-year option, which should clock in at around $12 million as it stands. They have a month to make the decision, and frankly, I have no idea if they’ll roll the dice.

What do you think of the Falcons trade for Jeff Okudah?

Photographer: Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire

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