The Hawks Interested In Bringing Back Jamal Crawford

Atlanta does not have a lot of cap space to make many moves this free agency. The Hawks currently are sitting with about $3.8 million in cap space available,  but that number could grow if the Hawks decide to part ways with players such Tiago Splitter and Thabo Sefalosha. Atlanta currently does not have a back up point and still could use some help at the shooting guard spot. Signing Jamal Crawford would fill both of those needs with one player.

Crawford is coming off winning his third career Sixth Man of the Year award for the Clippers, and the Hawks seem to have growing interest.

Crawford played two seasons with the Hawks and averaged 16.1 points and even at 36 years old he can still fill it up. With Dennis Schroder set to become the starter, the Hawks are going to have to find players who can create offense off the bench. Nobody does that better than Crawford. He can run the point behind Schroder and even play along side Schroder for a deadly offensive combination.

Jamal Crawford signs with the Clippers for 3 years, $42 million

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