This former Brave believes the Braves should give Freeman “whatever he wants”

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Everything seems like nothing more than wild speculation at this point in the lockout, which is entirely understandable. We’re all dying for baseball news, especially Braves fans when it comes to Freddie Freeman. Very little has come out in recent months regarding where he might be playing next season, but at least one former Brave is shocked that Atlanta hasn’t already gotten this deal done.

In case you missed it, Maybin announced his retirement earlier this offseason, but he did spend a brief stint in Atlanta and performed admirably on what was a terrible team. At the time, he was one of the few Braves I enjoyed watching. However, I can’t get behind this take.

I trust Alex Anthopoulos. He’s proven to be a wizard at the negotiation table, and while I believe the Braves have plenty of money to give Freeman whatever he desires, it’s a terrible business practice to negotiate with yourself. The goal should not just be to bring back Freeman; it should be to re-sign Freeman to the most team-friendly contract possible. It may sound greedy, but that is how you maintain long-term success, which is the ultimate goal in every negotiation.



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