Three Keys for the Falcons to Win on Sunday

1) Keep Frank Gore Under 100 Rushing Yards

With Andrew Luck out, 40-year old veteran Matt Hasselback will be starting for the Indianapolis Colts. He has started two games in 2015, throwing three touchdowns and zero interceptions. While he has looked solid in both games, they will likely establish a run game, feeding Frank Gore. Gore has not hit 100 rushing yards in a single game this season, and with the Falcons ranking third against the run, it looks like Atlanta can win that matchup. But in the past two games, Atlanta has given up 117 and 133 rushing yards, which is a definite concern given it was against the Buccaneers and 49ers. If the Falcons can contain Gore and force Hasselback to make the plays, they have a much better shot of winning.


2) Win the Turnover Battle 

In the past four games, Atlanta has committed nine turnovers which is one of the main reasons they have dropped three out of the past four games. With the 49ers stuffing the Falcons rush attack, Matt Ryan and the passing offense had no way to counter back. Ryan has admitted him and the offense need to step up their game, and the Colts defense is susceptible in both the running and passing game. Vontae Davis is a great cornerback, and that will open up the passing game for players like Leonard Hankerson and Roddy White. The Colts are -7 in the turnover ratio, so the Falcons defense needs to make plays in order to create opportunities for the offense.


3) Three Big Plays That Go Over 30 Yards

With two prolific players such as Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman, you would think the Falcons would have a lot of big plays. They haven’t this season, and the team needs to take some risks in order to create momentum. One of the few positives against the 49ers in Week 9 was Matt Ryan throwing a deep ball to Julio Jones, connecting on a 54-yard play to set up a touchdown on two plays later. Creating momentum on big plays, especially at home, is one part of the game that is very important. Kyle Shanahan needs to call a couple of plays and take gambles in order to set up scoring opportunities.

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