Tom Brady misses Bucs practice ahead of Falcons matchup

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Can lightning strike in the same place twice? Well, the Falcons might be in luck. After playing the Cleveland Browns without Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney, Atlanta might face a Tom Brady-less Bucs team in Week 5. Brady missed Wednesday’s practice with injuries to his right shoulder and right finger.

Brady throws with his right hand, so these injuries might be minor and him sitting out could be precautionary, but a quarterback dealing with multiple injuries on his throwing arm is nothing to scoff at.

The Falcons got extremely lucky that Garrett and Clowney missed the team’s Week 4 matchup, but I wouldn’t be so sure of it this time. Despite suffering the injury on a strip-sack during Tampa’s Week 4 loss to the Chiefs, Brady never left the game and continued to downplay the injury throughout the week. He’s also been known, among others, to take a veteran day off on Wednesdays.

Everyone should expect Tom Brady to suit up Sunday. He’s as tough as they come, but no amount of grit can help a quarterback’s throwing shoulder. He’ll undoubtedly play, but maybe Atlanta will get lucky, and Brady’s arm bothers him enough to hamper the Bucs’ offense.


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