Top 10 Greatest Braves of All Time: Number 7

Eddie Mathews comes in at Number 7 of our top 10 greatest Braves of all time. Mathews spent 15 seasons with the Braves organization. In just his second season in 1953, Mathews finished runner up for the MVP award after hitting .302 with 47 home runs. He finished runner up again for the award in 1959. Mathews became just the 7th player in MLB history to hit 500 home runs. Mathews finished with 9 career all-star appearances and is one of the greatest 3rd basemen in MLB history. He finished his career winning the 1968 World Series with the Tigers. He had a minor role for the team, but the World Series ring was the icing on the cake of his career. He finished with a career average of .277 with 512 home runs. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1978, his fifth year of eligibility. His number, 41, was retired by the Braves in 2001.

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