Top 5 Free Agents: Power Forwards

Note: All ranking are relative to the Hawks, considering the fit, need and talent of each player.

1. Lamarcus Aldridge- Can you say a dream come true? Aldridge might be the most dominant power forward in the league today, and he reportedly has interest in the Hawks. Aldrige has a sweet mid range game and can dominate in the low post. Aldridge along with Al Horford could combine to be the most dominant frontcourt duo in the NBA.

2. Kevin Love- Although Love seems to have a taste for the big media markets, he still has to be a target for the Hawks. He could spread the floor to perfection and be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams. Even though it is unlikely, the Hawks have to give the big man a call because he could be the exact kind of player that puts the Hawks over the top.

3. Paul Millsap- Millsap has been a true bargain in his 2 years as a Hawk. He made the All-Star team both seasons with Atlanta and is now due a nice contract. If options one or two do not pan out, the Hawks must make resigning Millsap priority number one.

4. Draymond Green- Green took his game to the next level this past season. He averaged close to 12 points and 8 rebounds to go along with his tremendous defense. Green once again improved his three point shot, and could play the same sort of role Paul Millsap has the past two seasons. He is a restricted free agent, but the Warriors have a lot of guys on their payroll. If the Hawks offer Green enough money, the Warriors just might have to let him go. Mike Budenholzer could surely utilize Grren, a member of the NBA 1st Team All-Defense.

5.Tristan Thompson- The 6 foot 9 inch power forward is an absolute beast on the boards. He has an unbelievable knack for grabbing rebounds, and this talent was showcased in the 2015 playoffs. However, he does not have much of an offensive game and is going to cost a lot of money for someone who cannot create his own offense.


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