Top NBA Free Agents for Atlanta: Buy or Sell?

In this article, we will be naming free agents that could be linked to the Hawks organization. There are many who could come, but realistically, Atlanta can’t sign everyone. Coming off a 60-win season, Atlanta is starting to become attractive to free agents. Which 2015 NBA free agents are realistic for Atlanta? We will take a look here.


Draymond Green


Draymond Green’s name has been recently linked to the Hawks. Green is a restricted free agent and will likely look for a lot of money this offseason. He comes to free agency as an NBA champion, as he was one of the top players for the Golden State Warriors. Standing at 6’7”, Green is labeled as a Small Forward, but he can play Power Forward, or even Center. He was one of the X-Factors in Golden State’s run to the NBA Finals, as he averaged 37.3 minutes per game and scoring 13.7 points per game. Green’s work ethic is top-notch. Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer would love to have someone like Green, but will Golden State let him walk? Green will want to hear any offers he will receive, but the Warriors are not letting him walk. He’s not going anywhere.

Verdict: Sell


Kevin Love

If you think you know what team Kevin Love will be playing for in the 15′-16′ season, I won’t believe you. Love joined the Cavaliers last season in hopes of forming a big three with Kyrie Irving and Lebron James. Many viewed Love as an outcast to the team, causing this tweet by Lebron James during the season.

Anyone can say what they want, but being called out in front of the world had to have been embarrassing for Love. He only played in four games in the postseason for the Cavs because of an injured shoulder that kept him out for the remainder of the playoffs. With such an up-and-down year for Love, I do not think he will sign with the Cavs. But the team that matters is the Atlanta Hawks. Will he give Atlanta a shot? Nope.

Verdict: Sell


LaMarcus Aldridge


LaMarcus Aldridge is a free agent, and it is certain he will not be re-signing with his former team. Aldridge seems to be frustrated with how Portland can’t get over the hump, and it looks like he wants to sign with a contender. Many teams are after Aldridge, but there are two teams that I believe Aldridge will take a hard look at, the San Antonio Spurs and the Atlanta Hawks. The Spurs are always going to be looked at because they make the playoffs every year. Why Atlanta though? Because Aldridge is smart enough to see the Hawks have something special here. Standing at 6’11”, Aldridge can play either power forward or center for the Hawks. Plugging him into the center position and sliding Horford to power forward would create an absolutely dominant frontcourt, possibly the best in the NBA next season. This could be a huge free agent signing, and I believe Aldridge will give Atlanta a hard look.

Verdict: Buy


Wesley Matthews


Many fans seem to forget about Wesley Matthews, who is a very talented player out of Portland. Starting 60 out of the 60 games he played in, Matthews was viewed as a player who could help the Trail Blazers make a run at the NBA title. Unfortunately, Matthews tore his Achilles on March 5, sidelining him for the year and basically sidelining Portland’s NBA title hopes. One of the top Shooting Guards in the free agent class, Matthews will be offered by many teams for a lot of money. Rumor has it Matthews is looking for multi-year deal worth $15 million a year. With Atlanta already having shooting guards Kyle Korver and recently acquired Tim Hardaway Jr., it seems highly unlikely Atlanta will have three talented Shooting Guards on their roster. Many believe he will leave Portland, just like Aldridge, but I don’t see Matthews and Atlanta finding a way to complete a deal.

Verdict: Sell


Demarre Carroll/Paul Millsap


Money talks, but so does winning. Hawks fans do not have much confidence in these two signing back with Atlanta, but I’m optimistic. Millsap has already stated he wants to be back in a Hawks uniform next season, given the right price. Because of a lingering shoulder injury, Millsap did not have the best postseason. Millsap has made the All-Star team twice in his two seasons in Atlanta, so I believe he and Atlanta will find a way to work things out. As for Carroll, he is a coveted free agent by many teams, especially the Knicks and Lakers. No one knows what Carroll is thinking, but let’s take a look why he would leave. He will probably receive more money, have a bigger role on a new team, and can go to a historically rich big market basketball team (Knicks or Lakers). Why would he stay in Atlanta? No matter what people say, he was one of the defining players in Atlanta’s regular season and postseason run. The “Junkyard Dog” was always called upon in key situations, especially guarding the best players on most teams. Atlanta will pay him, but probably not like other teams. So is Demarre Carroll one of those players that cares about the money and could care less about winning? Is he willing to take a few dollars less to play near his hometown Birmingham, Alabama? We will see after he decides who he wants to play for during free agency.

Verdict: Buy


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