Topps completely ruins the Braves World Series baseball cards

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For fans of the Braves, 2021 is a year they will never forget, which is why altogether they have spent millions of dollars on memorabilia that will remind them of this World Series run forever. One of the more popular items people will buy are baseball cards, and the distributor of those baseball cards is Topps, who royally screwed up their only job.

Tell me if there’s anything you notice about the back of this baseball card:

There’s actually a couple of mistakes. First, the Braves won the World Series over the Astros in six games, not five. But even more embarrassingly, Topps referred to the Braves as “the Dusty Baker-led squad.”

Yes, this is on every Braves baseball card commemorating their 2021 World Series championship.

I mean, what a colossal screwup. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Topps literally had one job… who is in charge of this, and how do they possibly know absolutely nothing about baseball? All I know is someone needs to be fired, and these fans definitely need a refund.




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