Vegas has the Hawks and Cavs as a toss up to earn the East’s final playoff spot

Atlanta Hawks Trae Young

The Hawks looked unstoppable on Wednesday night against the Hornets, exploding for 132 points and winning by 29. If that’s the team that shows up in Cleveland on Friday, they’ll be on a flight to Miami once the game ends. It doesn’t matter what the Cavs do or where the game is played, they can’t beat the Hawks when everything is clicking.

And if you believe that, then you might want to place a little wager on the outcome. Because according to Odds Checker, Friday night’s play-in game opened up as a coin flip, with both the Cavs and Hawks odds set at -110.

Like most professional sports, anybody can win on any given night in the NBA, so saying the Cavs have no chance is blasphemous. They are the more well-rested team, and they are playing at home. Those are two monumental advantages in a winner-take-all matchup. However, everything else points to the Hawks.

Atlanta has all the experience, which played a key role in their throttling of the Hornets. The Hawks also have the best player on the floor in Trae Young, and the teams are trending in totally different directions coming into this matchup. The Hawks have won eight of their last ten games, which includes a 131-107 demolishing of the Cavs two weeks ago. Meanwhile, Cleveland is on a slide of epic proportions, losing nine of their last 12. They are also without one of their best players in Jarrett Allen.

Listen, in gambling and in sports, nothing is a guarantee, but there’s no way anybody should be passing up even money on the Hawks in this matchup. Put your faith in Trae Young, and collect your cash at the end of the game. It’s that simple.

Photo: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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