Washington’s Meltdown Is Nothing Short Of Beautiful


I just wanna remind everyone, no matter how bad the Braves are, we were EXPECTED to be bad. Nobody thought Atlanta would win the division with this team. Washington was given a NINETY-FIVE PERCENT chance to win the East. That’s almost a guarantee. ESPN (and all of their Nationals loving glory) had them ranked #1 to start the season. They now trail the Mets by 6.5 games and are 10 out of the final wild card spot. They have been the worst team in baseball since the all-star break (with the exception of us), and only sit 2 games over .500. This team was expected to dismantle this division and walk to the playoffs. However, like Washington, they let pride lead to their downfall. A lot of non team players combined with injuries, cold bats, and a poor second half by Max Scherzer (4.85 ERA, .290 BAA), the Nats are now left wondering where it all went wrong.

The former World Series favorites are now sitting in 2nd in undoubtedly the worst division in baseball, and are probably not going to catch the red hot Mets. This is all Braves fans should have hoped for this year. I didn’t expect a title out of the Braves, hell, I barely expected a .500 record. I just didn’t want Washington to win. I’m a temporary Mets fan. I can’t stand Washington fans, all they do is try to talk down to Braves fans when they haven’t even been relevant in their 10 year existence, and who could forget? Mr. National himself. Bryce Harper. Seeing that brat win a ring would ruin this baseball season for me. Seeing the Nats in the same position as the Braves (not in the playoffs): it just warms my soul.


Go Braves. (and Mets).

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