Watch: Multiple fights breakout at Falcons – Jets joint practices


The Falcons finished up their first joint practice with the Jets on Friday, and from the reports, it seems things didn’t go Atlanta’s way many times. But the most notable events that occurred were fights, which Arthur Smith has a zero-tolerance policy against.

“I’m only concerned with our team,” Falcons coach Arthur Smith said Thursday after practice. “When you’re competing against another team, you can’t fight in the game. It’s not tolerated. Somebody gets heated, does it, there’s got to be consequences.”

A handful of players were kicked out of joint practices between the Patriots and Panthers earlier in the week, and it seems to be a theme across the NFL. The Falcons and Jets don’t have some deep hated rivalry against one another, so I’m not sure why the two squads were constantly on edge. It’s certainly evidence of a lack of maturity, especially among those battling for roster spots.

“So, I don’t know how to enforce it other than that; do you have somebody who’s got a problem?” Smith said. “An emotional-control problem, that’s probably somebody who you don’t want on the field in real games, either, because they’ll be a liability. You get off the field on third down, and they get a personal foul. It usually goes hand in hand.”

Photographer: Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

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