Way Too Early Predictions For The 2016 MLB Season

The free agent market is heating up, and a lot can change between now and then, so here are my November predictions for the 2016 MLB Season. Playoff teams will be italicized, and I will update these predictions after spring training to adjust for signings and trades.


NL East

NY Mets: 90-72

Washington Nationals: 82-80

Atlanta Braves: 80-82

Philadelphia Phillies: 73-89

Miami Marlins: 70-92


This will once again be the weakest division in baseball. Washington will miss the playoffs again, and Atlanta and Philly will improve. The Marlins stay in neutral.

NL Central

Chicago Cubs: 93-69

St. Louis Cardinals: 93-69

Pittsburgh Pirates: 89-73

Cincinnati Reds: 73-89

Milwaukee Brewers: 62-100


This will once again be the most top heavy division in baseball. I think Chicago and St. Louis will finish tied for first and play a one game playoff to decide who wins the division, and who plays in the wild card game. The Brewers will be the worst team in baseball.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers: 91-71

San Francisco Giants: 87-75

Arizona Diamondbacks: 83-79

San Diego Padres: 78-84

Colorado Rockies: 64-98


The Giants and D-Backs will improve, but the NL Central powers keep them out of the playoffs. Padres have a fire sale, fire their GM, and the Rockies finish 2nd worst in the league. This division still belongs to the big spenders.


AL East

Toronto Blue Jays: 97-65

Baltimore Orioles: 89-73

New York Yankees: 89-73

Tampa Bay Rays: 79-83

Boston Red Sox: 70-92


The Jays will continue their ways and make another title run. Baltimore improves, the Yankees slip in the fall, and not much else changes. Frank Wren taking over in Boston does not help them out. At all.


AL Central

Kansas City Royals: 101-61

Minnesota Twins: 89-73

Cleveland Indians: 79-83

Chicago White Sox: 74-88

Detroit Tigers: 65-97


Kansas City keeps on rolling and wins 100 games. The Indians, White Sox, and Tigers all take a step back. I think the Tigers hit the tank this year and sell, sell, sell. Also, look who made the playoffs. Young team that could be dangerous with some free agent signings. See; Houston Astros.


AL West

Houston Astros: 91-71

Texas Rangers: 90-72

Oakland A’s: 85-77

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 84-78

Seattle Mariners: 75-87


Once again, the most competitive division. Seattle sells at the deadline, and possibly moves Robinson Cano. The A’s, who were ravaged by injury, make a big comeback and come close to the playoffs. The Astros win the division, and the Rangers play the Twins in the wild card game. Hot Take: The Angels finish 4th, and Mike Scioscia is fired after 16 years, making Bruce Bochy the longest active tenured manager in baseball.


Fired Managers:

Scioscia, Gonzalez, Ausmus, Ventura, Francona (retires), Weiss, Counsell, Buck Showalter. Showalter becomes the new manager of your 2017 Atlanta Braves.


AL MVP: Carlos Correa

AL Cy Young: Chris Archer

NL MVP: Kris Bryant

NL Cy Young: Jacob deGrom


2016 NL Wild Card Game: Pirates 7, Cardinals 4

2016 AL Wild Card Game: Twins 4, Rangers 1


2016 ALDS: Jays over Astros in 5. Royals over Twins in 3

2016 NLDS: Cubs over Mets in 4. Dodgers over Pirates in 5


2016 ALCS: Jays over Royals in 7

2016 NLCS: Cubs over Dodgers in 5


2016 World Series: Chicago Cubs defeat the Toronto Blue Jays in 6 games.





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