Weird and Wonderful: This Matt Ryan story involving Leonardo DiCaprio

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Most, if not all, storylines about Matt Ryan will pertain to his past career and future with the Falcons. Topics will range from fans arguing about his Hall of Fame status to speculation on Atlanta trading the veteran quarterback. He’s quite the polarizing figure for Falcons fans. Some would say he’s the reason they’ve been relevant for more than a decade, while others suggest he’s been the one holding the franchise back.

Regardless of how you feel about Ryan, this story is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Generally, I try to avoid the gossip-esque stories, but this one was genuinely eye-popping.

Leonardo DiCaprio — yes, the actor and film producer — once licked the ear of Matt Ryan’s wife, Sara…

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Matthew Stafford, revealed the story on her podcast, The Morning After. Kelly explained that she and her husband went on holiday vacation to the Bahamas and were accompanied by the Ryans.

On the trip, the two couples met the Hollywood star, and the group ended up playing drinking games, which culminated into a dare for DiCaprio to lick Sara Ryan’s ear…

“He gets up quickly and slowly walks over to Sara and I’m looking at Sara like, ‘Holy s**,’” Kelly said. “He like squats slowly and just goes after Sara’s ear. Licks her ear, I don’t know, about four seconds, gets up, sits back down and I swear Sara didn’t move.”

This is objectively one of the funniest and weirdest stories I’ve ever read about Matt Ryan. For most married men, if another man licked his wife’s ear, it would lead to a physical altercation, especially for a professional football player. However, the rules are different when it’s one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood. It is a wonderfully weird story and one that Sara Ryan even finds funny.

“Most incredible moment of my life, childbirth included! Time stood still for me!” Sara Ryan said on social media.

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