What is the draft pick range for the Falcons going into Week 18?

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The Falcons 15-29 loss to the Bills in snowy Buffalo may seem like the usual beat-down Atlanta has taken against good teams this year, but Matt Ryan and his teammates provided loads of entertainment in a game that was filled with unexpected moments. Dean Pees’ variety of coverages forced Josh Allen into multiple bad decisions that netted three interceptions; special teams made significant impacts; Mike Davis and Cordarrelle Patterson ran through holes a Mack truck could drive through, and Matt Ryan had an atypical episode that ultimately cost the Falcons the game.

The Bills successfully overcame a horrendous outing from their star quarterback because his supporting personnel is far superior to Ryan’s. There were still great things that should encourage the staff going forward. Avery Williams looks like a special team’s ace; the defense seemed to click a bit more. The offensive line finally opened up some massive rushing lanes, and Kyle Pitts flashed the same brilliance we’ve all come to expect at this point.

Unfortunately for the Falcons, their postseason hopes have completely diminished; however, for fans, that means it is the offseason. All the exciting possibilities that come with free agency and the draft have made the offseason more interesting for some people than the actual season. As it currently stands, the Falcons hold the 10th pick in the 2022 NFL draft. More interesting, they could pick as high as the seventh pick and as low as the 16th pick, depending on how the first 18th week of the NFL season shakes out.

It will be interesting to see how Week 18 goes. The Falcons would love to play spoiler against the Saints, but the higher they draft — the better.



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