What to Expect From the Hawks When the Free Agency Period Starts

When the clock strikes midnight on the east coast, the NBA free agency period will officially begin. Immediatley, some of the top names will start to reach verbal agreements with their respective teams and the Hawks are set up to be busy. So what are we to expect from the Hawks when the free agency period begins?

The Hawks have expressed interest in numerous big name free agents. Names like Lamarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol, and Draymond Green have all been tossed around in rumors surrounding the Hawks. While all these moves would surely improve the Hawks, they are also very unlikely. Gasol is rumored to be staying in Memphis, the Warriors are not letting Green go anywhere, and Aldridge has been linked to signing with the Spurs or resigning with Portland. Sorry Atlanta fans, this is likely not the year the Hawks will be landing a superstar free agent. However, there are some things to look forward to.

Since the end of the season, Coach Budenholzer and the rest of the Hawks organization have reiterated one point. They want to keep this team together. The Hawks did have some holes to fill and do need to make additions to get over the hump, but this organization feels that they are on the right track. The Tim Hardaway trade should have told us the Hawks plan all along. They are looking to keep the same core and build depth around it. Chasing superstars got the Hawks nowhere. The Hawks will resign Millsap sometime this week, and I expect Carroll to resign not too long after. Hopefully the Hawks can convince them to take somewhat of a pay cut in order better the team around them, but either way these guys will be in Hawks uniforms for the foreseeable future. Depending on the kind of deals Millsap and Carroll sign, the Hawks will focus their remaining time and money on signing role players that can have significant impacts on games.

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