Where do the Braves rank among Forbes most valuable franchises?

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Forbes just released their annual list of Major League Baseball franchises, and the Braves were one of the bigger risers of the group. They clocked in at $2.6 billion, which was the 8th most valuable franchise in the league — a 24% increase from a year ago. The only NL East team ahead of them is the New York Mets, which should be expected from a team in New York.

However, it wasn’t by much, as the Mets were evaluated at just $2.9 billion. Steve Cohen’s squad also reported an operating loss of nearly $140 million, and their value only increased by 9% from a year ago. So it’s not unfathomable that the Braves could actually become a more valuable franchise than the Mets this time next year. Liberty Media can thank The Battery for that, which has become one of the best attractions in the city since its inception a few years ago.

The only other NL East team in the top 10 was the Phillies, who came in right behind the Braves with an evaluation of $2.575 billion. However, like the Mets, they also recorded an operating loss, but there was much less at $3.7 million. The Nationals clocked in as the 16th most valuable franchise at an even $2 billion, while the Marlins were ranked the least most valuable MLB franchise at exactly half of that, $1 billion.

As far as operating incoming, the Braves ranked ninth, bringing in a profit of $51.2 million, behind only the Giants, Cubs, Athletics, Orioles, Mariners, Rangers, Pirates, and Red Sox.

For the second consecutive season, the Braves are set to spend the most they ever have before. This is the first year they’ve ever started the season as a luxury tax team, and a lot of that can be attributed to their outstandingly loyal fan base. Truist Park consistently sells out, and the surrounding Battery area is always packed anytime the Braves are playing. Because of that, the value of the franchise continues to skyrocket, and it’s nice to see Liberty Media actually putting some of that money back into the team. It won’t be long before the Braves are consistently up there with the biggest teams in the sport every season.

Photographer: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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