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@deeebeeeee: Do you think Matt Ryan will ever be as elite as Joe Flacco? Asking for a friend.

Harrison Coburn: This question is right down my alley, because I am actually a Baltimore Ravens fan. With that being said, I have some news for you. Joe Flacco is not elite. He is simply clutch. Matt Ryan was so close, but could not put enough points on the board in the second half of the Super Bowl. He is clearly not fully to blame, but him not getting it done has tarnished his reputation. I think Matt Ryan can win a Super Bowl, and the day he does, the Flacco vs. Ryan debate that stemmed since they were both drafted in the same class can be put to rest. For now, Ryan is the clear-cut better QB during the regular season. But if you’re giving the the choice of the two for a playoff run, I’ll take Flacco. I would love to see, however, how Flacco would perform with the type of weapons Atlanta has been blessed with on offense throughout the years.

Harrison Coburn: I am not sure Cordinier is ready. He is just 20-years old and a main concern when he was drafted was his size. He also really struggled from beyond the arc while playing in France this year, and the Hawks need shooting help. With that being said, Tim Hardaway Jr. is no lock to be retained, the team may look to dump Kent Bazemore’s contract, and Thabo Sefolosha is free agent. What the Hawks really need is a sharpshooter, but with the cap situation being tight, they may elect to bring him to the U.S. and start developing him stateside. Just don’t expect him to play much if this is the case. My money is on another year in France for Cordinier, but I think we will see him in a Hawks uniform one of these days. He has potential, but his struggles from last season are well documented and he is far from ready to contribute in the NBA.

Jared Halus: Hopefully Martinez will return to the pitch this week, but him starting for the NYCFC game might be more realistic. He has been back in training for almost two weeks now, so he is definitely getting close to game form again. Tata said he wanted to bring him back as soon as possible, but he has also mentioned that he doesn’t want to bring him back too soon. I think a return for this week’s game is a real possibility, but don’t be surprised if Tata waits until the boys in blue come to our place.

As far as the playoffs go, right now I’d love to see us work our way back into a playoff spot. While expansion squads typically have trouble making the playoffs in their inaugural season, I am confident the Five Stripes can finish theirs on the good side of the red line. But to answer your question, I guess it all depends on what seed we earn. Obviously the ideal position for a playoff run would be to somehow clinch the 1 or 2 seed and so we could get the first round bye. I’ll elaborate further on both of these questions in our podcast that will be posted tomorrow!

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