Zaccharie Risacher likens his game to future Hall of Famer, 4× NBA champion

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The Hawks made their first No. 1 pick since 1975, and the club came away with French wing Zaccharie Risacher.

After a saga with Alex Sarr, Atlanta went with his fellow countryman, who certainly projects as a piece the Hawks would love to have. Risacher’s archetype, a 3-and-D wing, is the most sought-after in today’s NBA.

If he can realize his full potential, the Hawks will certainly look back on this draft cycle fondly. If Risacher turns into the player that he models his game after, the Hawks will look back at this as the greatest pick in franchise history.

Following the draft, Zaccharie Risacher took questions from the media and likened his game to Klay Thompson, arguably the greatest shooter this sport has ever seen.

Klay Thompson, outside of his teammate Steph Curry, is regarded as one the greatest shooters of all time and is a four-time NBA Champion. He’s made a pair of All-NBA Teams, an All-Defensive Team, as well as five All-Star games. If Zaccharie Risacher even sniffs that level of accomplishment, the Hawks will be very happy with the pick.

The 19-year-old is a noted defensive specialist with excellent three-point shooting ability. Sound familiar? Klay Thompson was an integral piece of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, knocking down threes and typically taking on one of the opposing team’s best offensive players.

Risacher shot over 40% from deep in LNB Elite last season, but much like Klay Thompson, Risacher struggles dribbling and getting his own shot, especially getting to the rim. He will have to fill out his frame physically and be more efficient shooting, but the profile projects as a great counterpart to Trae Young, which is what the Hawks should be worried about.

Photographer: Glenn Gervot/Icon Sportswire

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