Braves finalizing one-year deal with Josh Donaldson


The Braves are going all in on buy-low power bats. After it was announced that they signed Brian McCann to a one year deal, they are now giving a one-year deal to Josh Donaldson:

$23 million is a lot, but the deal makes sense for both sides. Donaldson is coming off a down year, so a one-year deal to boost his stock is a great proposition for him. As far as the Braves are concerned, they have a bunch of money to spend this season. It is a lot for one year, but there is little risk considering the length of the deal, and he seems like a strong candidate to return the value.

The status of Johan Camargo and Dansby Swanson is now unknown. These two could end up platooning at shortstop, and could end up on the trade block along with Austin Riley.

Overall, this is a great deal. Donaldson is the power bat the Braves desperately needed in the middle of their lineup. Freddie Freeman, you have your protection. Now on to filling right field.

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