NFL: SEP 18 Jets at Browns

Free agents still available to fill positions of need for Falcons

The Falcons are a couple of weeks away from the NFL Draft, and there’s a consensus on who they’ll target. Dallas Turner has been the …

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Free agent deals we wish the Falcons made

The Falcons handed out the biggest free agent deal of the NFL offseason, giving Kirk Cousins $180 million over four years. It filled Atlanta’s single …

NFL: OCT 17 Cardinals at Browns

Falcons sign veteran free agent defender

The Falcons have finally added to the defense in the form of free agent veteran cornerback Antonio Hamilton. Welcome to ATL, Antonio! — Atlanta Falcons …

NFL: NOV 05 Vikings at Falcons

Five things the Falcons have left to do this offseason

It is officially draft season, and the Atlanta Falcons are gearing up for the most highly anticipated campaign in years with Raheem Morris and Kirk …

dal220301 nfl combine1075

Are the Falcons ever going to add to their pass rush?

The bulk of the offseason, as far as free agency and trades are concerned, is over with, and the Falcons’ most glaring need for the …

NFL: DEC 12 Bears at Packers

One post-free agency need that could surprise Falcons fans

The heavy lifting of free agency is in the past. Nearly all of the top free agents have signed already, but there are still a …

NFL: OCT 12 Broncos at Chiefs

Top 100 NFL free agents left available for the Falcons

The first couple of waves of free agency have passed. Most of the heavy lifting is in the rearview mirror, and the situation is no …

DKB220911065 no vs atl

Another Falcons free agent follows Arthur Smith to Pittsburgh

When former Falcons head coach Arthur Smith took the offensive coordinator job in Pittsburgh, it was always expected that several of his former players would …

NFL: OCT 29 Vikings at Packers

Falcons’ $180 million QB among PFF’s ‘boom-or-bust’ free agents

The Falcons made the biggest splash of the offseason when they inked Kirk Cousins to a $180 million deal over four years. It was the …

NFL: DEC 12 Bears at Packers

PFF gives their favorite and least favorite Falcons free agency move

The Falcons came into the offseason with holes at quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, and EDGE, filling the two in most desperate need of attention by …

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