Braves Report: Donaldson will “definitely” get four years

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The way the market has shaped up, it is fair to assume Josh Donaldson will get a four-year deal in free agency. He is the best bat remaining on the market and is looking to secure the final big payday of his career.

Those inside the industry have all but confirmed these assumptions. Bob Nightengale reported tonight that Donaldson will “definitely” get a fourth year:

David O’Brien seemed to think that the Braves would not budge on the fourth year, but it will be interesting to see if competing with their biggest threat in the division will cause them to change course. Reports suggest that the Nationals could be the frontrunner, but the Braves will get the final call from Donaldson, and he wants to come back. It’s also not impossible that another team gets involved and blows him away with an offer.

If the Braves want him back, they will likely have to give him that fourth year, which may be too much risk in the eyes of Alex Anthopoulos. Whether that is the case or not, a decision should come soon with the amount of interest he is drawing.

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