Braves: SunTrust Park officially becomes Truist Park

suntrust park view behind home plate may 2017

We were awaiting the name change of SunTrust Park today, and though it did not take a rocket scientist to take a guess, we now officially know the name of the park.

SunTrust Bank is no more, and SunTrust Park is no more. SunTrust underwent a mega-merger with BB&T in 2019, and have become a single entity: Truist Bank.

Therefore, the Braves’ ballpark will now be known as Truist Park:

Braves fans seem to be overreacting to this one. The park was named after a park before, and it will be named after a bank now. They control the naming rights for 22 more years, so probably time to simply get used to it, and enjoy the product the Braves are putting out there from revenue from the park and the Battery.

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