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Overreaction Tuesday: Time to mail it in on this Falcons 2021 draft pick?

The Falcons rookie class, the first of the Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith era, has begun to reveal itself. During the abysmal Week 1 performance, …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Falcons will finish with a top-five pick in 2022 NFL draft

The Eagles were widely considered to be one of the worst teams before Week 1. Many even put them in the bottom five of the …


Overreaction Tuesday: Falcons salary cap woes will keep them out of postseason for years

The Falcons could be in for a rude awakening if Terry Fontenot cannot replicate what he did in New Orleans by finding starting-caliber talent that …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Ian Anderson will finish top five in Cy Young voting in 2021

I don’t care what anyone says, this isn’t an overreaction. I think Ian Anderson will be one of the five best pitchers in the National …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Jacob Webb will be elite in 2021

Jacob Webb is often a forgotten man when talking about Atlanta’s bullpen, and there’s a valid reason for that. Since his debut in 2019, Webb …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Arthur Smith will nationally solidify Matt Ryan as a Hall of Famer

In my personal opinion, Matt Ryan already is a Hall of Famer. He has been fantastic in the playoffs, and he will have some elite …


Overreaction Tuesday: The Falcons hired the best general manager & head coach combo on the market

With all of the hires complete, I’m even happier with Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith leading the charge in Atlanta. Both guys have made some …

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Overreaction Tuesday: The Braves bullpen will be worse in 2021

Following Brad Hand‘s decision to sign with the Nationals, most of the best relievers have found new homes. Liam Hendriks reached a record-breaking deal with the White Sox, Trevor …

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Overreaction (?) Tuesday: The 2017 Draft was one of the deepest in history and the Falcons flunked it

In the wake of Terry Fontenot being hired in Atlanta, I got to thinking about how impressive the New Orleans Saints drafted — especially in …

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Overreaction Tuesday: Should the Falcons trade Julio and draft Ja’marr Chase or DeVonta Smith?

It’s no secret the Falcons have an uphill battle with the salary cap this offseason. All the talking heads, me included, are adamant about Julio Jones and Matt …

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