Could Mike Ramsay be a Late Round Steal in the NFL Draft?


When you think of Duke sports, you immediately think “basketball” school. Even with that stigma, they still develop professional talent on their football team. After watching multiple Blue Devil football games, one player that stood out to me was their 6’2 defensive tackle Mike Ramsay. Ramsay looks to have the tools and intangibles to make a difference in the NFL and could be a late-round steal.

The explosiveness Ramsay possesses separates him from many at his position. His unique combination of power and quickness is excellent compared to other defensive tackles. Defensive tackles have a difficult job in the fact they must control the trenches, otherwise, offenses can have a field day. Ramsay not only can stop the run, but he also would blow up plays where running backs would have to change lanes. Ramsay would maul opposing linemen, setting up his teammates to be in the perfect position to take down the ball carrier.

In his last season for the Blue Devils, he recorded 48 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 9.5 tackles for loss. He was voted a team captain, while also notching 25 consecutive starts to finish his career. One thing that stood out is that Ramsay is one of the most durable players at his position. The captain did not miss one game due to injury and that separates him from many at the position because few players in football can play four years without missing a game due to injury.

Standing at 6’2 and weighing in at 290 pounds, Ramsay has a similar build to Falcons star defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. Jarrett also came out of the ACC and fell down to Atlanta in the fifth-round of the 2015 NFL Draft. It is absolutely mesmerizing in how similar both play, as they both blow off the line with their top-notch explosiveness. Jarrett has the right mindset and coaches around him, which has helped him become a top interior defensive lineman in the NFL today.

Mike Ramsay could be on a similar path as Jarrett. His teammates have said he is one of the hardest workers on the team, and would never take a play off. His understanding of the game set him up to become a third team All-ACC honoree as a senior. Duke head football coach, David Cutcliffe, leaned on Ramsay to make key stops for his defensive unit. Defensive line coach, Ben Albert, trusted Ramsay to call the games and stunts for his unit.

Ramsay has the build to become a difference-maker in today’s NFL. He has the right mindset and work ethic, which he will show on Sunday’s. Make no mistake about it, Ramsay will excel if given the opportunity. Duke’s Pro Day will be held on April 3rd, and many scouts will be there to watch Ramsay perform. It seems that Ramsay relishes the key moments, so he will most likely wow every scout there. The Falcons will have the opportunity to select Mike Ramsay in this year’s draft and with the right coaches around him, there is no doubt that he can become an integral piece of the puzzle to help Atlanta’s defensive unit.

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