Dennis Schroder appears to want out of Atlanta


Just a year ago, Dennis Schroder looked like he was going to be in Atlanta for the long-haul. He opened up his own restaurant and had recently signed a contract extension.

With the Hawks going full-blown rebuild and the parting ways with Coach Bud, Dennis Schroder is concerned about playing with a competitive team during his prime.

He and his team apparently plan on meeting with management this week to discuss the team’s future plans.

He was quoted as saying Milwaukee and Indiana could be teams that interest him, as well.

Schroder’s value is kind of an unknown right now with his pending legal status. But it is looking more and more like Schroder could be dealt for future draft capital if he is not on board with the team’s vision.

SportsTalkATL was one of the first sites to hype up Schroder when he was a rookie. He is still a young player who can get much better. His peak was the Wizards series when he went neck and neck with John Wall, but his valleys have been his inconsistency on defense and off-the-court concerns.

Like Coach Bud, it is almost hard to blame Schroder for not wanting to undergo a rebuild in the prime of his career. The German connection that is no longer intact there may or may not have an effect on Schroder’s comments. It is almost admirable how badly Schroder wants to win. But if the windows do not line up, it may be time to move on. It is just hard to imagine the Hawks getting full value for him in the near future.

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