Falcons projected to receive 4th, 5th round compensatory picks


Over the Cap is one of the best resources the worldwide internet has to offer regarding the salary cap. This past week, the window for free agency signings to count against the compensatory pick formula ended. Teams can now sign away without fear of restocking their team with draft picks.

Basically, the quality and quantity of the players that the team lets walk equates out to which compensatory picks a team will receive. Future performance and whether players stay on the field will dictate how the formula actually plays out. But our friends over at Over the Cap have come out with their projections for 2019 comp picks.

The Falcons are projected to receive a fourth rounder for losing the services of Dontari Poe, and a fifth rounder for letting Taylor Gabriel walk as well. 

The Falcons possess all seven of their draft picks for next year’s draft. With Matt Ryan just getting a handsome raise, this is a smart football move to bring in more quality young, affordable football players. Dan Quinn has done a pretty good job scouting talent and this gives him more firepower for next year. COmpensatory picks were also recently made tradeable. Now all Falcons fans can do is hope that Poe and Gabriel stay on the field and perform next season for their new teams.

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