Friday Rant: The Hawks’ uniforms are terrible


The Hawks have some awesome throwbacks in their arsenal. From the blue and neon Pistol Pete throwback to the Pac-Man red and white from the ‘Nique days, the Hawks have had some classic jerseys in the past. Their jerseys during the 21st century have been nothing to write home about, but the ones they opted to go with after the 60-win season are just absolutely pitiful.

While I will admit the red ones are actually decent, the volt green on these uniforms and the triangle patterning make the Hawks look like the McDonald’s All-American team or an AAU team. What makes things even worse is that they introduced the mix and match tops and bottoms, which should simply never be done at the professional level. Though this is done sparingly, it is¬†just awful to see on the court.

The team needed a jersey change, and they could have opted to go in several directions. Perhaps a mix-up with the Hawks old throwbacks would have been better. Before the jersey change, when the Hawks wore the throwback jerseys against Cleveland during that 60-win season, Phillips Arena was electric. Something as small as a throwback jersey provided a totally different atmosphere for the game. And even though they lost nearly every time they wore them, the dark blue throwbacks are simply awesome.

Everything has changed since that season. The personnel, the management, ownership, and the uniforms.

Let’s hope the “volt green” days of the Atlanta Hawks will be short. All I know is I won’t be buying one of these jerseys, no matter how much I love the player.

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