Hawks trade back to 5, take Trae Young

Hawks fans got a big-time Woj bomb on draft night. Travis Schlenk decided to trade back and draft his guy in Trae Young while making a controversial choice by passing on Euro star Luka Doncic:

The pick is top 5 protected.

This trade is hard to swallow because while Trae is one of the best offensive prospects teams have seen in years, Doncic has the writings of future star written all over him.

Haws fans will be rooting against the Mavs next season but will have to hope they aren’t too terrible.

Schlenk was in the war room when Trae’s pro comparison, Steph Curry, was drafted. We have all seen how that went. Let’s hope he hits again on Trae Young. He is small and his defense is a concern, but he can be one of the best scorers in the NBA.

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