Hawks: Trae Young leads Eastern Conference All-Star voting for guards

If you haven’t accepted the fact that Trae Young is a superstar yet, it is time to climb out from under your rock. And the NBA All-Star voters agree. Not only is Trae Young essentially a lock to be an All-Star, but he is also leading all Eastern Conference guards in votes:

His performance this season has not resulted in a ton of wins, but he has had a less than ideal supporting cast due to injury, suspension, and roster construction. Regardless, his 8.3 assists per game is good for fifth in the league, and he could be a walking double-double before long. He leads all Eastern Conference guards in scoring at 28.5 points per game.

While the voting can be a bit of a popularity contest, Young has undoubtedly earned every vote. Now, he will get to experience All-Star weekend, barring injury, and hey, maybe he can even do some tampering. All jokes aside, Young is ascending to a star level the Hawks have not had present on their roster since Dominique Wilkins, and the appeal of playing with such a great ball distributor could set the team up for success in acquiring more talent to build around. He has established himself as an elite guard in year two, and knowing his competitive nature, he is just getting started.

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