Hawks: Trae Young, Travis Schlenk in attendance to watch Anthony Edwards

The Hawks currently have the worst record in the NBA. If they were to finish in that spot, they would have a 14% chance at the number one pick and a 52.1% chance of landing a top-four selection. One thing is for sure: the Hawks are due for some love in the NBA Draft Lottery, and hopefully, this will be the year.

At the top of mock drafts, you will find James Wiseman and Anthony Edwards. They both project to be NBA stars, though it is tough to compare them because they play very different positions, and James Wiseman has already left Memphis to prepare for NBA draft. It seems like you can’t go wrong with either of these guys, but the Hawks’ will have to determine which one is atop their draft board. This will change the landscape of the future for the team if they receive the number one pick. What happens to Kevin Huerter if the Hawks want Edwards? Forget about the Hawks’ interest in Andre Drummond if it is James Wiseman.

Well, Travis Schlenk did his due diligence on Tuesday evening, attending the Georgia vs. Kentucky game to scout Edwards, and probably get a good look at Tyrese Maxey as well. I wouldn’t read too much into this. It would be crazy for the Hawks’ GM not to be there on an off-night for his team with two lottery picks playing just about an hour away. However, Trae Young was there courtside along Quavo, which shows there is certainly interest around the organization in Edwards becoming a Hawk. Something tells me if he stayed close to home to play collegiate ball, that feeling is likely mutual.

And why not? Edwards is a local kid who will be a star in the NBA. He and Tom Crean have taken this UGA team to the next level, and he has been arguably the best freshman of the 2019-20 NCAA season. He ended up with 23 points and five boards, though the Bulldogs eventually fell to the Wildcats.

Edwards projects to be an elite scorer and a plus defender at the next level. He, paired with Trae Young and John Collins, would be outright scary for the NBA. Could he be Atlanta’s version of Lebron James? Would the NBA want this storyline in their NBA Draft Lottery that nobody suspects is rigged? We will see. But it is certainly good to know the organization is keeping tabs on Edwards. This kid is the type of talent that can make this disappointing season well worth it in the long run.

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