Jeff Francouer: New lead Braves TV analyst


The writing has been on the walls for years.

Jeff Francouer has always had an electric personality. He can talk about so much more than just baseball too.

During his last stint with the Braves, Francouer would call into 680 The Fan every week. Even then, you just knew this guy was going to be sticking around talking baseball for years to come.

Fast forward to 2018, and Francouer was in the booth a good bit with Joe Simpson and Chip Carey. It was clear as day that he was being groomed for a bigger gig down the road.

Earlier today, he got that gig. It was annoucned in an AJC exclusive that Francouer would become the lead analyst for the Braves. Joe Simpson will be retained, but in a smaller role.

Simpson expects to do about 20 or 30 games on TV and to do mostly radio work. He did not seem happy about this change but reiterated that he was thankful to still get to do play-by-play on radio. His controversial comments may not have helped his case, but the team is denying that had anything to do with their decision. Regardless of reasoning, it is good to see him retained by the team in some manner. For the most part, he has done an excellent job.

Francouer has such a contagious personality, and it will be a pleasure to hear him do give or take 100 games next season. Tom Glavine is supposed to see an uptick in broadcasts as well, and Ben Ingram is expected to have a bigger role on radio.

Congrats Frenchy! Braves Country is looking forward to it!

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