Max Fried gets the call


Max Fried was one of the most intriguing prospects the Braves acquired when they blew things up. He was acquired from the Padres in the deal that sent Justin Upton to the West Coast, and was the prized prospect in the deal.

Many have publicly said that Fried could be the Braves next great starter. While this is certainly still not out of the question, injuries have held back Fried. He basically had to sit out two seasons of his minor league career due to Tommy John Surgery. This season, it was blisters that held back Fried. However, he has come back and absolutely dominated in three starts since returning from this issue.

Fried has been on a pitch count, so it is unclear what the Braves future plans with him are. A permanent move to the bullpen is justified given his injury past, but this could just be a temporary role for Fried and the team could plan on stretching him out in the future.

Either way, this is an exciting promotion for Braves fans. Fried is very talented and the Braves have been looking for a great lefty reliever for years now. Fried has the talent to be that guy. We have Fried ranked as the 14th best prospect in the Braves system.

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