MLBPA files grievance against the Braves


The Major League Baseball Player’s Association has decided to file a grievance against the Braves on the behalf of 2018 first round pick Carter Stewart.

Stewart and the Braves failed to come to an agreement on a deal, and Ken Rosenthal reported that the MLBPA is claiming that the team did not make him the financial offer necessary┬áto receive next year’s 9th overall pick as compensation.

It had previously been reported that the Braves were trying to sign Carter under slot in order to sign Zach Hess in the late rounds at a higher rate and convince him to sign. This did not work, and after Stewart tore a ligament in his wrist, the whole strategy was abandoned.

Stewart has insane upside as a prospect and is now fighting to become a free agent. Rosenthal also reported that people involved with the situation think Carter is unlikely to prevail in the dispute.

Braves fans will have to hope that this thing goes the Braves way, as the number 9 pick next year could be in jeopardy.

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