Paul Millsap Agrees to Deal with Atlanta Hawks


After a very eventful day, the Atlanta Hawks and Paul Millsap have agreed to a new deal. According to reports, Millsap has been signed to a three-year deal worth $58 million, with a player option in year three.

This is big news, as Atlanta lost small forward Demarre Carroll earlier today to the Toronto Raptors. Atlanta signed one of their top two top priorities today, as signing Millsap was key for Atlanta.

Millsap was a coveted free agent by many teams, but he chose between the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic. The Magic offered him 4 years/$80 million, while Atlanta offered 3 years/$58 million. The two time all star decided to give Atlanta another chance, as the Hawks appear to be the stronger team compared to Orlando. With the Hawks trading and receiving Tiago Splitter earlier today, the front court can be very impressive with Splitter, Millsap, and Horford. Many people fail to realize how badly Millsap’s shoulder was bothering him during the 2015 playoffs, but he was an integral part of Atlanta’s success. I cannot state it enough on how key this signing was for the Hawks to keep Paul Millsap in an Atlanta Hawks uniform.

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