Potential draft day trade scenarios for Hawks in the NBA draft


The Hawks trade Kent Bazemore and the 19th and 31st overall picks and the Timberwolves 2018 pick for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov

We saw the Hawks trade for Tim Hardaway Jr. a couple of years ago instead of using a draft pick, and it has paid its dividends. They could make a similar trade this year. The Lakers have apparently been shopping D’Angelo Russell because of the loaded point guard class in this year’s draft. Many think that the team may move him in favor of Lonzo Ball. If the Hawks think he could slide in at the two position, the upside here may be too hard to ignore. Tim Hardaway Jr. has shown a lot of potential, but his skill set is best suited for a great sixth man. Russell would give the Hawks an elite talent who has been stuck in a bad situation and is still very young. They would be giving up two first round picks here but still have their first rounder for next year. Kent Bazemore was a big target for the Lakers this past offseason, so the Hawks save a tiny bit of money swapping bad contracts by taking Timofey Mozgov. However, this would allow the team to let Mike Muscala walk, a free agent who could potentially take eight figures to retain. The Hawks give up a lot of assets here but get arguably their highest ceiling player in Russell and a tiny bit of salary releif. The opportunity for the Lakers to swap bad contracts and accumulate assets could be enough the them to pull the trigger.

The Hawks trade Deandre Bembry and the 19th and 31st picks to the Detroit Pistons for the 12th pick

The Pistons have reportedly been shopping their first round pick. Stan Van Gundy may see an opportunity here to add three young players to the fold rather than just one. The Pistons would be moving back seven spots, but would also receive a first rounder from last year as well as the 31st pick, which should yield them what would be a first round talent in most years. The Hawks, on the other hand, would get an opportunity to draft at the 12 spot two years in a row. This trade will only be considered if the  Pistons are trying to bring in multiple young bodies, but that could certainly be the scenario as Stan Van Gundy has struggled to find a winning formula in Detroit.

The Hawks trade Kent Bazemore and the 19th and 31st picks to the Orlando Magic for Evan Fournier and the 35th pick

Evan Fournier is very talented, but the rebuilding Magic may be intrigued by acquiring an additional first rounder, moving up in the second round, and the possibility of Bazemore having a rebound season. If the Magic were to make this deal, they would have the 6th, 19th, 25th, 31st and 33rd picks in the draft, while adding Bazemore as well. This may be too good to pass up for a team that will not be competitive for likely years to come, when Fournier will likely leave in free agency. With the addition of Fournier, the Hawks fix their outside shooting problem and THJ gets to head the second unit. Fournier and Coach Bud could do great things together.

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