Realistic trade packages for Dennis Schroder

When someone is handling a rebuilding situation the way Dennis Schroder has this past week, it is probably time to ship him out of town. The problem is that Dennis’ value is nowhere near as high as it was just a year ago. With legal charges pending, his true value is up in the air. But here are some potential trade packages if the Hawks wanted to part ways with him this offseason.

Hawks trade Dennis Schroder to the Indiana Pacers for Darren Collison and the 23rd and a 2020 second round pick

This trade could be the best option for Atlanta. Schroder reportedly has interest in going to Indiana, and this is a gamble worth taking if they want a point guard who is still young and on the rise to pair with Victor Oladipo. In exchange, the Hawks get two picks and Darren Collison. The best part about acquiring Collison is that only $2 million of his expiring contract would be guaranteed. The Hawks could choose to keep Collison for the fair rate of $10 million or shed that cap space to create more flexibility.


Hawks trade Dennis Schroder to the Utah Jazz for Ricky Rubio and the 21st pick

Like Indiana, Utah is a team that could use a young point guard to pair with a star young shooting guard. Schroder offers much more upside than Rubio and has past experience with coach Quinn Snyder. The Hawks receive back a first round pick and a stopgap option in Ricky Rubio who can run any offense or can be used as a trade chip with his expiring contract.

Hawks trade Dennis Schroder to the Detroit Pistons for Reggie Jackson and their unprotected 2019 pick

Another point guard. The reality is that point guard is such a deep position that another point guard is likely to be included in any type of deal in what would be an “upgrade trade” with some draft assets. This is what would happen with Detroit. Detroit could be the perfect team to take a gamble on. They have two talented players in Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin but just fired their coach. Desperate to add another piece and take the next step, could Schroder be an option? Detroit is the type of team that could be solid or plain terrible next season. An unprotected pick would make sense, and they get the money off the books a year sooner.

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