Report: “Expectation in the industry” is still Donaldson back to Braves

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If the Josh Donaldson waiting game has made you nervous, you are not alone. However, it seems that not much has changed on that front, other than Nolan Arenado’s availability.

But no need to fear. Today on an MLB Network appearance, Jon Morosi said that, “the expectation in the industry still is that he ends up going back to Atlanta.”

Sure, this may seem like a reiteration of news we have already heard, but it seems in this case, no news is good news. Donaldson has always expressed a desire and has a four-year deal from Atlanta on the table. It seems he will smartly wait things out to see if he can land a few extra bucks if a team ups their offer.

It will be interesting to see if the Braves get in on the Nolan Arenado sweepstakes now that it is clear he has been made available. But they may prefer to keep their highly ranked farm system intact and go with the southern boy Donaldson, who was fantastic in a Braves uniform last year, and his signing would effectively end their offseason.

Donaldson still has around a month to comfortably sign and get ready to Spring Training, and the Arenado rumors may even delay his signing even further. But given the moves the Nationals and Twins have recently made, it seems very likely Donaldson will be returning, given any unforeseen suitors that could emerge.

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