Report: Hawks had Lin on table in Ariza talks


According to Kevin O’ Conner of the Ringer, the Hawks had Jeremy Lin on the table in a deal that would have netted them a 1st round pick:

“The Hawks have Jeremy Lin ($13.7 million) and Dewayne Dedmon ($7.2 million) on expiring contracts. Before Trevor Ariza was dealt to the Wizards, league sources said one of the many versions of the trades discussed involved sending Ariza to the Lakers, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Rockets, Lin and an asset to the Suns, and Brandon Knight and a first-round pick to the Hawks.”

It is unclear whose pick or what kind of protection it would have been, but Travis Schlenk is no stranger to attempting to pick up assets by facilitating trades. However, the eventual outcome of this proposed trade was seemingly out of his control:

Look for the Hawks to be players in the trade market before season’s end, with Jeremy Lin and Dewayne Dedmon as appealing expiring contract options for contenders. Teams that have coveted a two-way wing may also have interest in Kent Bazemore. Who knows how accurate this rumor is, but it seems more than likely that at least one current Hawk is dealt by the trade deadline.


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